Welcome to The Beryl Heights Localista Neighborhood News!

beryl-heights-neighborhood-map The Beryl Heights Localista Neighborhood News is a customized neighborhood newspaper that is hyper-focused on precisely Beryl Heights. We curate & develop, organize, format, print and mail a finalized newspaper directly to every household in the neighborhood. We won't distribute it online because sometimes, Beryl Heights neighborhood news is just that--for neighbors. If you choose to, you can provide an email address and we'll send you a copy once you verify you live in Beryl Heights

Your voice in print. We accept the submission of messages, events, stories and pictures through our web site. We've created a simple form that, if you can use Facebook, you can submit content for the Beryl Heights neighborhood newspaper.

We write stories of interest. We recognize that you and your neighbor's interests lie both in Beryl Heights as well as in surrounding neighborhoods. So, we cover stories that affect you. Each newspaper will have at least two stories about happenings in your community.

Neighborly. In today's divisive political environment, we strive to bring Beryl Heights neighbors together with good news. There's a lot to love and appreciate in Beryl Heights and we'll work to highlight those things. Graduations, marriages, childbirths, birthday, Quinceañera, bat/bar mitzvah, holiday celebrations, new Beryl Heights neighbors, home renovations, new jobs, block parties, school awards--you name it--if it good news we'll print it.

Get involved. It's easy to get involved in the Beryl Heights neighborhood newspaper. Click the Get Inovled link below, fill-out the form and hit submit. Once we get your submission we'll curate if with other submissions from your neighbors and add it to the local paper.


Beryl Heights Neighborhood Newspaper

Hyper-local newspaper for the residents of the Beryl Heights neighborhood.
Redondo Beach, CA
Phone: 844-256-2254